Jobs for Teens - Are you having a hard time landing that part-time job?

Posted by: updated February 26, 2024

Looking for a part-time job or a summer job as a teen can be a bit of a daunting task, but by being creative and thinking outside of the box, you can learn to be your own boss, make your own rules, and make even more money over the course of a summer and the remainder of the year...

Typically, millennials end up drawing the short-end of the stick when it comes to local jobs. Why is that? Well, because every town already has an on-going supply of workers who are not limited by school schedules and they can be employed year-round, which makes it easier for local businesses to avoid constantly hiring. This allows the more experienced workforce to get a big jump on others (such as teens or young adults) who are entering the job market only during certain times of the year, like the summer or holiday seasons.

So, what are the most typical summer job ideas? Check out Jeremy's video post below...

Whether your potential part-time job is at a local theme park or ice-cream shop for the summer, or whether it's a fast food restaurant or grocery store... finding a good paying part-time job can be a real drag.

Check this out... a typical teen job pays somewhere around the $8/hr range. Multiply that out for a 20 hour week and you've just earned $160. This means that we need an out-of-the-box-strategy in order to make more money and get ahead.

So, what is that out-of-box-stategy? It's to start thinking like an entrepreneur and learn how you can make money on your own. Once you can make money on your own, you can live just about anywhere in the U.S and get up and running, because you'll have experience and self-confidence.

There's no better time than right now (YES, like today - July 18, 2024) to start thinking like an entrepreneur and buying and selling for a profit. Yep, just like you hear in the stock market, buy low and sell high.

That philosophy can be a bit daunting when it comes to stocks, as nobody truly knows when there's going to be another stock market crash. BUT, we can use that same mindset when it comes to making money online.

We want to BUY ITEMS LOW and SELL ITEMS HIGH. We buy items for a low price at our local thrift stores, garage sales, and Goodwill's and SELL HIGH online.

Okay, so all new business ventures need access to some seed money. Did you know that even though you might not have a direct line to cash right now, you can make plenty of cash with items currently in your closet or lying around your house?

Those items can be advertised and sold online for extra money. Whether that be toys, video games, old smart phones, etc. Those items are just sitting around collecting dust and providing $0 in Current Value to you. It's time to cash in on these items and use that money as "seed money" to buy and re-sell other goods for a profit.

Your goal should be to turn every $1 you spend, into $3 (so a net gain of $2). So, if you buy $50 worth of inventory that is in good shape and in-demand at your nearest Goodwill or Thrift Store, clean it all up, then post the items online to sell, whether that be on eBay, Craigslist, or here on Blastifieds...

So in the $50 scenario above, you'd want to target selling each item individuallly, with a total return of $150 (so a net gain of $100). Then that $100 profit then gets rolled into your next purchases to then flip.

You've probably heard the phrase, "one person's trash is another person's treasure". Well that phrase has never been truer than right now... just think about the millions of people who flock online, just to look at what others are selling.

So, how do you get started?
The first part of this process is to designate a corner in your room where you can start gathering items that you haven't touched in over 12 months (we call this your Money Making Corner). Also, go grab a packet of sticky-notes, as we're going to start pricing out an inventory of your items ready to sell.

I recommend using sticky-notes to price your inventory, because they're cheap and easy to use. Each item that you're selling will be labeled with a sticky-note to help you determine and keep track of the item's Estimated Value. On this sticky-note, we want to use a pen and divide it into 3 sections (similar to the sticky-note image below).

Calculate the estimated value

On the top-left corner of the sticky-note, we'll label it "Yard Sale Price", the middle section we'll label it as "Goal Price," and the third section, we'll label it "Brand New Price".

Imaginext Batcave Example on BlastifiedsOnce we've picked out the first item we want to sell, let's start filling out our sticky-note. I've grabbed an Imaginext BatCave as an example to advertise on

In the Yard Sale Price section of the sticky-note, we want to write a price we could easily sell the item for at a yard sale - - this is a price where you think you'd practically be giving the item away.

The second section of the sticky-note is what we call the 'Goal Price'. We'll skip this section for now, because there's an easy way to calculate it.

Skipping to the third section is the Brand New Price section - here we are going to write what the price of this item is if it was brand new at the store. We don't have to be exact here, but just close.

A buyer will most likely never pay you full price of what they could buy something brand new for at the store. If a buyer happens to pay you the brand-new price or more, well then you have something in high-demand.

Finally, we'll hop back over to the second section of the sticky-note, that we called the Goal Price... here, what we want to do is calculate 1/3 or 33% of the "Brand New Value". This is called the Goal Price because the pricing is ridiculously lower than if the item was still brand new.

By pricing and advertising our item at the recommended Goal Price, we're not carving that final price into stone. Instead, a website like Blastifieds acts as an open-market, where buyers might have to bid up the final price due to its overwhelming popularity.

Calculate the estimated value

So, continuing our Imaginext BatCave example... at a yard sale, we could easily get $2. Brand new and with all the pieces included, the item costs $40 at Walmart. So we'd want to calculate 33% and 50% of the $40 Brand New price, which is $13-$20, which I've set as my target Goal Price Range.

Remember from what was mentioned up above, the Current Value of my BatCave toy to me right now is $0, since it's just sitting in a box in my closet. My goal is to turn that $0 into between $13-$20, with the hopes that my ad sparks a bidding war for a higher price.

One huge plus with my Blastifieds ad is that I can choose to advertise across the whole country or just here locally. Overall, I've put in about 5-10 minutes of my time cleaning up the toy, taking photos, and creating my Blastifieds ad.

Calculate the estimated value

A sample Blastifieds listing for my Imaginext BatCave example.

By selling my item on online, it's a well-known fact that some websites charge fees to list whereas others don't. So auction sites like eBay might charge $1 to list, then a percentage of what the final sales price was. Imagine selling something for $1,000 and then having to pay an extra $50 to the website that you listed it on, reducing your profits. In contrast, Craigslist won't charge at all to list.

If you choose to list on, you will only be charged a fee if you wanted to upgrade your free listing to a "Featured Ad," which allows your item to appear at the top of the search results.

We'll want to perform this same set of steps (i.e., coming up with our Target Price) for each item that we have collected to sell.

Okay, it's your turn. Imagine netting yourself $15-$20 per hour and having fun doing it, while your friends are slaving away at their part-time job wishing that they could make money on the side just as easily as you are!

So, what are you waiting for? Your next step is to look around your room, home, and garage and find several items that you no longer use. Perhaps your parents could enlist you to help flip stuff they no longer need, as well.

Be sure to follow our "Target Price" activity with the sticky-notes, which is great at helping you determine price points for your items.

Need help finding more items to sell?
Your local Goodwill stores and Thrift stores are treasure troves just waiting for you to come and explore. Many times their prices are slightly higher than what you might find at a yard sale, but overall a great profit potential.

Want to know more about Blastifieds?
Blastifieds is the new kid on the block. Quickly get your ad up and running. Upload a short video/informercial for your item. Monitor your traffic (views and offers coming in)... and most of all, have fun!

Posting a Blastifieds ad is free and easy to do.

Do you have any special tips you'd like to share with the Blastifieds nation? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below...

Ready to become your own boss this summer and make even more money than your typical part-time job? Get started making money today, on Blastifieds...