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2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Convertible (Silver with black top)

Newport News, VA | Posted by: StevenJackson1996 on 05-31-2018.
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2014 Mercedes-Benz E350
17,800 miles | 6 cylinder | 2 doors

  • Convertible
  • Keyless Entry
  • Leather
  • AC
  • Power Seats
  • CD Player
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • Premium Wheels
  • Power Steering
  • Auto Transmission

Great looking and driving car. If you've ever driven a Mercedes, you won't want to go back to anything else. THis is a one-owner Benz; 4 new tires; Sport Package; Harmon-Kardon speaker; ventilated seats. Low miles at 17k miles

  • Black leather
  • New Wheels
  • Convertible

Condition: New/ Like New
Payments I accept: Cash

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