Blastifieds... we're a weekly, online, person-to-person marketplace that kicks-off each Friday!

What is Blastifieds?

Blastifieds is a weekly, online marketplace dedicated to providing you a safe and easy way to catch local deals posted by others in your area. It's easy for you to post items for sale or to swap. Then, monitor how your ad is performing and start receiving offers.

Ever heard the phrase "one person's trash is another person's treasure"? Sometimes we just have stuff that we no longer need but someone else could really use, so why not make money off of it?

What is BlastFriday?

BlastFriday is the way we kick-off every weekend on Blastifieds - starting each Friday! We collect the top ads from your area and highlight them by most popular. Got something to sell? Then you'll want to appear inour Weekend-BLASTS!

We recommend getting your Blastifieds ad in by Thursday of each week to maximize your ad's views and potential offers.

On Blastifieds, we promote GREAT DEALS. So, be sure your listing gets a great deal started off right...

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Blastifieds Control Panel... we provide tools to help you get your ad up and running, literally in minutes... and then we help you manage your ad on through to the sale.

Say "hi" to our Online Control Panel

This is where your ad begins... Place up to 5 Free Blastifieds Ads each week. After that, you can still post as an a upgraded ad (i.e., The FREEBIE Ad, The PLUS Ad, or The FEATURED Ad).

Track your visitors and offers

If you've ever posted on other classifieds or auction sites, they leave you wondering how your ad is performing. Not with us... We provide daily stats and even an Ad Report Card with tips on how you can get more views and offers.

Every seller wants a huge dosage of traffic to their ad...

We help get you there... Once your ad is up and running, we make sharing it a breeze with our AdBlast Tool. Just click the AdBlast button, select your favorite social network, and we'll do the rest! Can you say "bidding war"?

Gain insight via our Ad Report Card

We've studied successful ads for a while now. In addition to the web stats mentioned above, we provide you with an Ad Report Card that shows how your ad compares to other successful ads. We also provide tips to help you get faster results.

Receive and compare multiple offers

On Blastifieds, we let you choose the best offer of your choice. You don't have to accept the highest bid or the very first person who contacts you. We know a lot goes into that decision. We place each offer side-by-side, along with the conversation trail that you've had with each interested buyer to make your decision easier.

All offers remain hidded to the Seller until the weekend (i.e., BlastFriday), where they can then see and compare each offer.

Start getting noticed. Here's what your ad will look like on Blastifieds...

Appear in our Search Results

Your Blastifieds ad will appear in our organic search results for your location (i.e., region and city/town). If your item can easily be mailed, interested buyers from all over the country can place an offer, and they can pay with PayPal (or a similar service).

Gain more traction with a Featured Ad

Upgrade your ad to a Featured Ad. When your ad is a Featured Ad, it will appear at the top of our search results for your location and category. In addition, you can upload up to 20 photos.

Attract more buyers

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Your Blastifieds ad comes with a slideshow feature to show off your high-resolution photos. Don't worry though... if you upload photos with a large file size, we'll automatically optimize them for faster page loads, which is crucial for buyers surfing from mobile browsers.

...and even better, now you can upload a short video of your item.

Why choose Blastifieds?

We're just getting this thing started...

Who doesn't like rooting for the underdog? Okay, we know that we're not the first website of our kind. We've used the other big name sites, such as Craigslist and eBay... they've been around for the past 20 years and have inspired us. But sometimes when you visit a site, do you ever get the feeling that some are completely outdated, that some charge a bit too much, and that online person-to-person selling could just maybe be better!?

We're "hyper-local" made easy...

By hyper-local, we mean doing business with others in your immediate area. If you are currently in college or high-school, we make it easy to do business with just your classmates. Or, if you want to advertise to your entire town, you can do that too!